Our Clothes

B•Natyam [bee nah tyum] combines ancient wisdom with contemporary style. In ancient Sanskrit teachings, "Natyam" refers to expression through movement, which connects the inner and outer realms of our existence. Inspired by this thoughtful guiding philosophy for South Asian dance and theater, B•Natyam clothing and accessories support you as you express who you are. Be Yourself. B•Natyam.

Each piece in the B•Natyam Yoga-Dance collection is made using organic cotton and features unique hand-stitched embellishments. Designed by dancers and yoga practitioners, the clothing is crafted with care and dedication to style, functionality, and ethics. B•Natyam combines Nepal’s Himalayan timeless wisdom with contemporary expertise.

The collection features three distinctive styles, each inspired by South Asian traditions:

model wearing chakra outfit

Chakra: In yogic philosophical traditions, Chakras are crucial sources of life energy that correspond to important areas in our bodies. The vibrant turquoise colors in this collection energize and refresh. The intricate embroidery reminds us of life's cyclical flows.

model wearing kitamari outfit

Kitamari: Kitamari is a medicinal fern used in Ayurveda. The soothing colors and embroidery of the Kitamari collection are inspired by its healing powers.

model wearing natya outfit

Natya: Natya is the expressive dimension of Indian classical dance. Natya allows us to share our human experiences through movement. Infused with this spirit, the subtle pieces in this collection support your expressive freedom.

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  • All clothing 95% organic cotton, 5% spandex
  • Available sizes: S, M, L, XL
  • Chakra and Natya pants have front pockets
  • Made in Nepal