Our Organic Cotton

B•Natyam organic cotton is sourced from India's Punjab region. The cotton is purchased from vendors who have the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification. Using organic cotton has many benefits as shown below. However, the cotton requires more growing time, more care, and therefore is more expensive than conventional cotton. If you've had a chance to touch our cotton, you will feel the difference. We stand behind it!

Benefits of Organic Cotton

  1. You wear a cleaner, healthier material next to your skin without toxic chemicals. Sweating causes chemicals in the cloth to interact and diffuse into your skin.
  2. Organic fertilizers mean a healthy living soil. Stops pesticides from diffusing into the land and water acquifers.
  3. Reduces toxic pollutant contamination and ingestion for the cotton field workers.
  4. Saves energy by not using planes and tractors to spray chemicals.
  5. Supports sustainability because yields over the longterm are 10-20% higher than conventional cotton growing methods.1

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