About B•Natyam

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Sangita is a film-maker and dancer of mixed Czech-Nepali heritage who calls many places home. Amish is an micro-technology expert with years of yoga practice under his belt, who is happiest when meditating on a surfboard. Their destinies met somewhere between Los Angeles, Prague and Kathmandu. Love at first sight has led to a lifetime of collaboration. Trained in Indian classical dance (Bharat Natyam), martial art (Kalaripayat) and contemporary dance, Sangita is committed to bridging tradition and innovation. Amish brings his technical expertise, Indian heritage, and commitment to functionality. Their shared love of movement has led them to discover the importance of feeling good in clothes you wear when you move.

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The B•Natyam clothing adventure was born in partnership with their friends at Sanu Babu, a respected wholesale and retail importer of goods from Nepal to the Czech Republic. Inspired by Sanu Babu’s commitment to sustainable commerce, Amish and Sangita created a line of clothing inspired by their passion for dance, yoga, wellness, and their roots in Nepal and India. Created with care, each piece of the BNatyam collection is imbued with a commitment to style, tradition, sustainability, and practicality that reflect their approach to their global lifestyle.


Sangita and Amish also support the Sristi Child Development Center, Sristi Bal Bikas Kendra, and the SITU Center for Early Childhood Development in Kathmandu. The centers are dedicated towards providing pre-school preparatory education for children from the financially weak and socially disadvantaged families. The centers use the ECD (Early Childhood Development) program that has been implemented by the Nepalese Government for pre-school education. It is a non-formal education method that promotes the holistic development of children of 3-5 years. Find out more about SITU by watching this short film: